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Adult Day Care Software Package

SCHEME SOFTWARE offers a state of the art computer system for the Adult Day Care Provider. All functions and operations are menu-driven, versatile, user-friendly and feature on-line help information.

Our Adult Day Care software automates all of the back end functions of the provider. It features an easy to use Census Module with multiple shift support, which integrates with the Billing and Accounts Receivable Modules and provides all necessary report and attendance information.

All modules are fully integrated, so that information can be shared immediately and automatically. All departments of your organization are linked and employees benefit from on-line access to common data. Sensitive data can be password protected from unauthorized users. HIPAA compliant.

Your entire company can work together better, more efficiently and more creatively. Information is entered only once, then distributed to everyone who needs it, without lengthy update procedures. So people can act faster and more effectively.